Homestyle Preserves

Our home-style preserves are full of flavour and made just how Grandma use to make them. All made from seasonal fruit and vegetables grown locally in the Otago region.

Do you have a special family recipe? Contract Preserve Makingwe provide a service that will re-create your special family recipe, great for family reunions, Christmas gifts and special occassions.

Jar Size – 270ml | Price $6.00 each


  • Pamela’s Piccalilli – Cumin, ginger, corriander, mustard seed
  • Eileen’s Piccalilli – Mustard
  • Jo’s Tomato Relish
  • Adrian’s Red Onion Jam – Rosemary, ginger
  • Andrea’s Rhubarb Chutney – Ginger, mustard, curry
  • Betty’s Quince Chutney – Ginger, cloves, cayenne
  • Pamela’s Plum Chutney – Mustard, ginger, pickling spices
  • Anthea’s Beetroot Pickle – Chilli, tomato
  • CB’s Beetroot Pickle – Pickling spices
  • Nancy’s Pear Pickle -Tumeric, curry
  • Betty’s Mango Chutney – Mango, capsicum, raisins, ginger, garlic
  • Ainsley’s Apricot & Walnut Chutney – a spicy fruity chutney with a hint of citrus and walnuts
  • Margaret’s Preserved Beetroot500ml $7.00
  • Ruth’s Pickled Onions 1000ml – $15.00